Mom Transforms 3-Yr-Old’s Playroom Into Epic Target- And Starbucks-Themed Paradise.

If gift-giving were an Olympic sport, Renèe Doby-Becht would win gold for both effort and creativity.

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin, mom wanted to step up her game this past Christmas for her 3-year-old daughter, and she definitely succeeded. We know because Ariah wasn’t the only one who fell in love with the epic result!

ariah's playroom

When Renèe was brainstorming, she remembered there are two things Ariah can’t get enough of: role playing and shopping at her local Target — which just so happens to have a Starbucks inside.

So with help from her sister Brigette Doby and her friend Robert Mueller, the creative mom transformed her daughter’s interests into the playroom of her dreams!

ariah target

On one side of the room, Ariah can be a cashier at a checkout counter that matches Target’s style perfectly!

Brigette used her graphic design expertise to make the logos, signs, price tags, and even an “employee of the month” photo frame featuring her niece.

playroom target

The sisters thought of everything, including faux gift cards and magazines! Honestly, combined with their adorably tiny Target products, the attention to detail is stunning.

playroom target

Next to the checkout line is a Starbucks stand, which was made from a cube storage unit. There, Ariah the barista can serve her guests realistic Frappuccinos that were painted by her mom.

While Brigette made sure the signs were perfect, Robert took care of the wood and flooring. To top it all off, Renèe’s elementary school teacher even made Ariah a custom Starbucks apron!

ariah starbucks

Renèe knew her daughter would love the incredible gift, but she never expected the photos she posted on Facebook would go viral. 

“There were so many comments and likes and all these positive comments,” she told GMA. “It was mainly moms that were commenting… they were just blown away.”

playroom starbucks

Ariah is going to have so much fun! Now we have to wonder where she’ll land her first job: Target or Starbucks? Either way, thanks to her mom, she’ll have plenty of experience.

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