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Service Dog Dials 911 During House Fire, Then Pulls Blind Owner Out Of Harm’s Way.

We’ve told you before about the incredible power of service dogs. Remember the mom who cried when her son with autism first met his service dog? How about the elderly man who nearly died of a heart attack until his dog dialed 911? Yolanda is another service dog, a Golden Retriever trained to care for a blind woman in her 60s, and she has gone above and beyond the call of duty by saving her owner’s life multiple times!

Most recently, Yolanda saved her owner from a fire. Using a specially designed phone, Yolanda called 911 before pulling her owner out of the burning house to safety.


After the incredible rescue, volunteers from the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team in Philadelphia came by with rewards for the heroic pooch.

“Our volunteers just dropped off food, toys, treats, and supplies to Yolanda,” they said in a Facebook post accompanying the photos below.



In a follow-up post, Red Paw added more drama to Yolanda’s story with this status: “The crazy part, this is not the first time she’s called 9-1-1 for her owner! Last year, Yolanda’s owner fell in the house and was unconscious; she called 9-1-1 then too! Yolanda is a superhero!!”

But that’s not all!

It turns out, Yolanda has also protected her owner at least once before when she saved her from home intruders in 2013. Yolanda heard two men talking downstairs while her owner slept. She closed her owner’s bedroom door and chased the burglars from the home. She even called the police using her special phone!

This dog really is a superhero.

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