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Dolphin Mother And Calf Rescued From Shallow Waters After Becoming Trapped.

Two rescued dolphins are transported to safety.

When a mother dolphin and her calf got stuck in a shallow area, the Texas Marine Mammal Stranded Network (TMMSN) came to the rescue! A water-flow control structure near Galveston Bay had quickly become a potential death trap for these two animals, stranding them in an area with little food. Thankfully, the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge spotted the pair. The TMMSN reported that the mom and calf are bottlenose dolphins. Their names are now Jill and Jack!

According to a Facebook post from the marine life organization, the two dolphins were freed shortly after their rescue. As it turns out, Jill wasn’t exactly a stranger; she’d already made an appearance in their photo ID catalog. The TMMSN plans to continue monitoring the mother-calf duo for research porpoises er, purposes!

Commenters were thrilled to hear about the successful dolphin rescue.

“What a perfect outcome to ring in the new year!” wrote one user.

“Must have been terrifying for both of them, so glad you all stepped in to help them. Great job,” said another.

We’re grateful that the rescue team was able to transport these two dolphins back to safety! If you want to read about another heartwarming dolphin rescue, these volunteers had to get pretty creative to help their animal friend.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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