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Jason Kelce Gets Emotional After His First Taylor Swift Concert Experience

Close up of Jason Kelce talking on "New Heights." Text on the image reads, "Went to my first concert"

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are known for going out of their way to show support for one another. We’ve seen the popstar at many Chiefs games, but we’ve also seen Travis at multiple Eras Tour shows, too. But after attending a show in London, Jason Kelce can officially say that he’s experienced the magic that is a Taylor Swift concert. In fact, he’s getting a little emotional just talking about it.

In the latest episode of the brothers’ podcast, New Heights, Jason shares what the experience was like for him. This is something fans were especially excited about, given the fact that this was his first time ever attending one of her shows. To no one’s surprise, he’s impressed with Swift’s vocals, stage presence, and stamina — 45 songs in nearly four hours is no joke! What he was most surprised by, however, was getting choked up during Swift’s performance of her iconic hit, 22.


Jason got emotional just talking about his first Eras Tour experience THE LONDON EPISODE OUT NOW. Link in bio.

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As Swift fans know, something very special always happens every time that song is performed during the Eras Tour. Before 22 start, someone from the audience is chosen to stand right at the end of the stage. This person seems to always be a kid. When Swift reaches the end of the stage, she takes the time to chat with the lucky fan. While down on her knees, they hug. Then, Swift offers them the hat she wears during the performance, placing it on their head.

Jason Kelce Almost Tears Up Just Thinking About Emotional Moment From Taylor Swift’s Concert

This moment tends to be quite emotional, as you can imagine. Seeing the sweet faces of fans as they can’t stop smiling, or crying, from the joy they’re feeling is priceless. And as someone with three daughters of his own, Jason truly recognizes how special that moment is for those kids, especially the one he witnessed first-hand in London.

“I’m so glad Jason got to experience it finally,” one fan shares in the comments of their video, with another adding, “Awe I love the happy dad moment over the 22 hat.”

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