Selfless Athlete Gives Us Most Inspiring Olympic Moment Yet After Tragic Fall During Race.

runners fall during olympic race

The Summer Olympics are always a special time. This year, we’ve seen so many emotional moments and compelling stories come out of the games in Rio… But this story, of two runners competing against one another, yet standing together, stands out as the most significant example of sportsmanship and kindness.

During the women’s 5,000 meter race– 3,000 meters in– American runner Abbey D’Agnostino accidentally clipped New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin’s heel, and the two runners went sprawling to the ground in a tangled heap.

runners fall on ground during race
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Usually the runners would spring up as quickly as possible and continue with the race, but instead, D’Agnostino and Hamblin, two power-house elite athletes– shared a beautifully human moment together.

D’Agnostina got up from the track and immediately went to Hamblin to make sure she was okay.

runner checking on competitor during Olympic race

After helping Hamblin to her feet, D’Agnostina started to race again, but quickly realized her knee had been injured in the fall. That’s when Hamblin turned to help her competitor; she returned the favor and went to D’Agnostina, helping her continue the race and urging her not to give up.

Hamblin said of the moment D’Agnostina came to her aid, “I’m so grateful for Abbey for doing that for me. I mean, that girl is the Olympic spirit right there.”

D’Agnostina wasn’t sure she could finish the race, so she urged Hamblin to go ahead. Hamblin did go on, and she waited at the finish line for D’Agnostino. D’Agnostina pushed through her injury and met Hamblin at the finish line where the two shared a very special embrace.

runners embrace after raceYoutube

The two runners ended up finishing in the last place, but were still granted entrance into the final due to their special circumstance.

“I’m so impressed and inspired” said Hamblin of her competitor, D’Agnostina. “I’ve never met this girl before. Isn’t that just so amazing?”

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