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Seemingly Abandoned Petting Zoo Animals Find Refuge At Dedicated Rescue.

Petting zoo goats have been moved to an animal shelter.

Over 30 animals were removed from a trailer in Berkeley Country, South Carolina, and released into the care of H.O.P.E. Animal Rescue. A concerned citizen reported the trailer as abandoned, prompting Berkeley County Animal Control to investigate the situation. The trailer belonged to Justin Culley of Culley Farms Mobile Petting Zoo and Events, who has since received a citation. However, the business owner claims that he never deserted his animals.

“The situation was twisted and manipulated to make it seem as if we are abusive and neglectful,” he wrote in a statement on Facebook. “We simply had a flat tire on the trailer, plain and simple. The trailer was backed into the shade, jacked up with the tire off and disconnected at tractor supply where I felt they would be safe so that I could run around the corner to Mavis tire.”

Rescued horses are being cared for at an animal shelter.
Video screengrab from WCIV

While Tracey Sawyer, President of H.O.P.E. Acres Rescue, admitted that the organization did not necessarily know all the details of the situation, she stressed that the petting zoo animals were in dire need of help when they were found.

“A lot of times when we get the calls from county agencies we don’t know the whole backstory. What we do know is what is here and now; that’s what we’re focused on,” she told WCIV.

She continued, “We had a few volunteers on Sunday and started putting together temporary fencing and canopies and kennels to receive these guys in the next 30 to 45 minutes.”

Petting zoo goats have been moved to an animal shelter.
Video screengrab from WCIV

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate Culley Farms. In the meantime, Jason has agreed to let many of his animals stay at H.O.P.E. Acres temporarily. These include farm animals such as chickens, rabbits, ducks, and goats, as well as some more unusual critters like a kangaroo and an alpaca. To provide their new guests with the best possible care, Tracey is asking for donations.

“We could use monetary donations for medical expenses and continued feeding,” she said. “We don’t know what the timeline looks like but anything the community can do will help.”

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