See Wayward Parrot’s “Recapture” After He Gets Lost From His Home At The Zoo.

Close up of a colorful parrot, from a distance, resting on a powerline in the middle of a tree.

At the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island, birds are able to spread their wings and fly — most of the time, they do so without much fuss. Unfortunately, a particularly windy day made training difficult. Three parrots, specifically macaws, were enjoying their free fly time when, suddenly, they got a bit carried away by high winds.

Although they know the area well, a sudden burst of wind pushed them out of the area they’re familiar with, making it so they could not get back home without help. Luckily, local resident Julia Bedard noticed the zoo’s lost parrot outside of her home, putting her in the position to help the little guy be “recaptured” and taken back to the zoo.

A man stands outside in a neighborhood, looking up at a parrot on a powerline.

“This is a very normal part of their training — it is not an escape,” Vicki Scharfberg explains for anyone concerned. “They are athletes; they’ll likely be out flying again either today or tomorrow and learned from their experience.”

Adorable Parrot Recaptured and Returned to Zoo

Still, in a video capturing the rescue, it’s clear how much of a relief it is for the zoo crew to reunite with even just one of their lost birds. By the time they arrive, this sweet guy is out of the trees, making it easier to spot him. Or should I say Rainier, which is his official name.

Rainier wants to be back home just about as much as his humans do, it seems, because it doesn’t take much to coax him off the powerline. In fact, all the crew needs to do is place his usual perch out on display and, just like that, Rainier makes his way down to them!

“We are lucky enough that he picked right outside our house as a landing spot,” Julia shares in her caption on social media. “His grand adventure is over and he’s back safe at the zoo now.”

Plus, he’s not the only one — now, all three adventurous parrots are safe and back home!

Watch the adorable parrot get “recaptured” and taken back to the zoo in the video below.

@juliabedard Rainier, one of the 3 military macaws of the @Roger Williams Park Zoo lost his way a bit in the wind today. We are lucky enough that he picked right outside our house as a landing spot. His grand adventure is over and he’s back safe at the zoo now 🦜 #macaw #rogerwilliamsparkzoo #providenceri ♬ original sound – Julia Bedard

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