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Seattle Mariners Adopt “Death Row” Dog And Give Him New Life — With Unlimited Balls!

Fans of the Seattle Mariners now have a very pawsome reason to visit T-Mobile Park for a ball game.

The Major League Baseball clubhouse recently announced they’ve added a new member to their team: a 4-year-old rescue dog named Tucker! Tucker was slated to be euthanized before the team adopted him, and they’re hopeful that bringing him home to the Seattle, Washington ballpark sends a message to anyone planning to add a dog to their family.

The team has already set Tucker up with his own social media accounts so we can tag along as he explores his new home and meets lots of new friends. More than 25,000 people followed his Twitter account in the first week!

“I’m gonna get to hang out at the ballpark all the time, travel with the squad and enjoy my very own unlimited supply of baseballs,” Tucker’s introductory tweet read. “Doesn’t get better than this!”

Tucker will join the team as an unofficial mascot. According to his Twitter bio, he won’t be used as a bat boy or to retrieve foul balls; his only job will be to get spoiled by love and affection from fans and teammates.

His bio also lists his special talents: “Can do a barrel roll, loves fetch, will sign autographs for treats.”

Tucker was adopted by the team’s clubhouse to spread the word about animal rescue. Tucker was rescued from OkanDogs, a service based in Okanogan, Washington. Founded in 2014 by Jan and Tom Short, the shelter uses private resources and volunteers to provide thousands of dogs with medical care, spay and neuter services, and adoptions.

OkanDogs is just one of the many animal rescues working tirelessly to help homeless pets across the United States. The Mariners hope that seeing how happy Tucker is will inspire their fans to contact a shelter instead of a breeder when it’s time to expand their family with a new four-legged friend.

The baseball team couldn’t have picked a cuter or sweeter ambassa-dog.

Welcome to the clubhouse, Tucker! We hope lots of other dogs find their furever homes because of this team’s excellent example.

Share this story to ask people to give rescues a chance. You never know when they might knock it out of the park!

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