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Mr. Hubert The Bird Knocks Over Anything And Everything — But He’s Not Sorry.

a two-photo collage. the first is of a green, orange, yellow, and white bird named hubert. he is mid-hop on a counter. behind him is a betty crocker French vanilla cake mix box. the second is of hubert is looking at the cake mix box as it falls off the counter after he pushed it.

When Mr. Hubert is around, nothing is allowed on the counter… except for himself, of course.

This feisty bird is getting all sorts of attention on social media, but he’s most known for his disdain for objects placed on his human’s counter – or maybe he’s just really passionate about knocking things over. In any case, no object is safe when he’s around. Luckily his human, and the millions of people who have watched him online, find it quite amusing.

In one video, with over 4 million views, Mr. Hubert can be seen pushing over all sorts of things as they’re placed on the counter. He struggles with a bottle, but the rest barely take any effort at all. In fact, just as a cake mix box is about to meet its demise, Mr. Hubert takes a quick dance break, seemingly celebrating how amazing he is at this self-appointed job – as he should.

Watch Mr. Hubert cause chaos and destruction in the best way below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.

@hubertthebird I’m Hubert and I’m BAD! #caique #caiques #parrot #parrots #funnybird #funnyparrot #pets #pet #funnypets #whitebelliedcaique #thedodo ♬ Bad – Michael Jackson

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