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“My Wife Has Lost It.” Dad Posts Mom’s Hysterical “Face Swap” With Toddler Son.

Has something ever just struck your funny bone in such a way that you cannot stop laughing?

Sometimes it’s the oddest things that give us a fit of the giggles, and when it happens it’s always a wonderful feeling! Joanna Scaife of Aberdeen, Scotland, knows how it feels to burst into hysterical laughter when you see something unusual. Now she’s going viral over a video of a simple face swap that left her in stitches.


Joanna and her husband, Richard Scaife, each posted the video to their Facebook pages in order to share the joy with friends and family. Instead, the video went viral because it’s simply adorable and hilarious. To date, it’s been viewed on Facebook over 23 million times.


In the brief video clip, Joanna was experimenting with a face swapping app using her own face, and the face of her toddler son, Arthur. The resulting swap looks incredibly odd, with Joanna’s adult-sized head hosting Arthur’s baby face while the child’s head has Joanna’s grown-up features.

There’s just something about that little boy’s body with Joanna’s face on it that is part mesmerizing, part terrifying…  and 100% funny!


As the camera moves, the face swap gets even more warped and wonky, which makes Joanna laugh even harder.

“I can’t cope!” Joanna gasps, and soon even little Arthur is giggling at their funny faces in the camera right along with his mother.

How hilarious is this mom and son duo? They’ve taken this face swap thing to a whole new level of hilarity, leaving Richard to state simply, “My wife has lost it.”


Thank you for sharing this bit of humor with the world, Joanna and Richard! You’ve set a new standard for face swappers everywhere.

Watch Joanna and Arthur swapping faces below, and please share to make someone else dissolve into laughter today too!

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