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Scots Guard Stop To Formally Inspect And Salute Frank The Tiny Soldier

Left image shows young Frank Gates in full Royal Guard uniform. Right image shows the young man receiving a salute from a Scots Guard.

Frank, the soldier, has a calling. He has gained internet popularity on social media as the “youngest recruit” in the King’s Guard. The bio line on his TikTok channel reads, “My name is Frank, and I love the Royal Guard.” Frank has made a name for himself with almost 300,000 followers and several viral videos. In the world of typically stoic King’s Guardsmen, who can be fined just for smiling, the camaraderie they show Frank is brilliant.


Thanks to the scots guards for inspecting Frank during the ceremony of the word #toweroflondon #london #scotsguards #kingsguard #kingcharles

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The Ceremony of the Word is a daily ceremony to pass down the day’s word for after-hours admittance to the Tower of London. The guards stop, give Frank the soldier an inspection, have a few words, and then continue their procession. Frank follows behind, his little legs trying hard to keep in stride with the men he admires. Frank proudly turns to his dad (filming) during the march and asks, “Did you see him salute me?”

Frank the soldier receiving a salute from the Scots Guard during a Ceremony of the Word at London Towers.
Image from TikTok.

Frank Gates is from Egremont. He owns and dresses in several different soldier uniforms, but the King’s Guard is his favorite. His uniform is impeccable, right down to the medals and the plume in his bearskin hat. While the Scots Guard was inspecting Frank, he asked the young man why he was dressed as a Coldstream Guard and not a Scots Guard. For those not “in the know,” there are five divisions of the King’s Guard, each with specific functions within the Royal Guard. Frank believes the Coldstream Guards are “second to none,” which explains his uniform choice.

Frank The Soldier Is Well-Known In London

There are hundreds of videos of Frank interacting with the Guardsmen. Most of the time, he stands quietly at attention as the men go about their duties. Frank, the soldier, has performed flag-bearing duties in local parades. He is a favorite of the Guards and local police (yes, he has police uniforms, too). This incredible young man has even assisted His Majesty King Charles III.

If you happen to be in London and see Frank, the tiny soldier, please don’t interrupt him during the course of his Guard duties. He takes his service to the crown very seriously. Frank seems to have a calling to service. Kudos to his family for supporting this young man in his endeavors. We are certain Frank will wear a real King’s Guard uniform one day. Frank is only five, so he must wait before submitting his formal application.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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