Schools Across The Country Make It Their Mission To Ensure “No One Eats Alone”

A high school student wears a shirt that says "We Belong."

Just days after Valentine’s Day, students all over the country were celebrating another important holiday: No One Eats Alone Day. It’s one day out of the year that kids in the lunchroom are sure to have company, even if they usually sit by themselves. Loneliness has become an increasing problem for many, especially following the pandemic. It’s more important than ever for kids to feel included and accepted by their peers!

No One Eats Alone Day began in honor of Lili Rachel Smith, a young girl who often felt left out at school because of her cranial facial syndrome. When she passed away at age 15, it made other teens in her area think long and hard about what it feels like to be lonely. Now, schools all across the nation are observing this special day. According to Fox 56 News, the initiative is having beneficial results for students.

No One Eats Alone Day is combatting loneliness in the lunchroom.

A high school student wears a shirt that says "We Belong."
Screengrab from YouTube

“I’m usually very quiet,” said John Taylor, a freshman at participating Henry Clay High School. “I don’t like to talk to people all the time. But I really see, by doing this, it makes me break out from just being quiet all the time and instead lets me go out and see different people.”

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy visited CREC Academy of Computer Science and Engineering in Hartford, Connecticut on No One Eats Alone Day to talk about the devastating effects of loneliness. Some students truly took the initiative to heart! Sixth grader Nana Wiafe told WFSB that he’s always keeping an eye out for kids who look like they’re being bullied or isolated. He usually invites them to join his friends for lunch!

A Senator gives a speech at a school.
Screengrab from WFSB

No One Eats Alone Day is such a great reminder for children and adults alike to keep reaching out to others in our community. You never know when someone really needs some company.

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