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Saved From Maui Fire’s Path, These Shelter Animals Are Now Available For Adoption!

cat rescue maui fires

There are few things quite as heartwarming as watching people come together in times of need to accomplish a goal. That’s exactly what we’ve seen in the face of the Maui fires, but not just when it comes to fighting fires. 

Recently, a heartwarming initiative has taken place to rescue shelter dogs and cats from Maui and bring them to the Bay Area in search of new homes. This collaborative effort between local animal welfare groups and charities saves the lives of these animals and supports the overwhelmed shelters in Maui. 

pets arrive to bay area from maui

In the wake of a disaster that affected the Maui Humane Society and other animal shelters on the island, there was an urgent need to find a solution. Recognizing the magnitude of the situation, Jeffrey Zerwekh, the executive director of Berkeley Humane, spearheaded a coalition of six local animal welfare groups to transport shelter animals to the Bay Area. 

“When the fire happened, we knew we needed to do something. Because all the shelters are full, it was going to be a bigger project than one organization,” said Jeffrey. “By moving those animals here, that gives the animal welfare teams in Maui the opportunity to take a breath, regroup and start building the longterm recovery programs that people are going to need their in order to take care of their pets.” 

This collaboration, which included organizations like the East Bay SPCA and Marin Humane, aimed to alleviate the overcrowding in Maui shelters and create space for injured or displaced animals.

cats from maui shelter

Beyond the immediate rescue mission, the coalition formed by the Bay Area animal welfare groups serves a broader purpose. By coming together in times of crisis, they are better prepared to support each other and respond to future disasters. 

If you’re interested in adopting one of these shelter animals, many facilities have online applications available. This convenient process allows potential adopters to browse available animals, learn about their personalities and needs, and submit an application for adoption. 

kittens from maui

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