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Dog Refuses To Leave Twin Babies’ Sides When Earthquake Hits California Home.

dog standing in bed with babies

Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend for a reason!

Hannah and Sean Everett were going through the motions of their typical Sunday routine, completing chores around the house. The twins were asleep in bed, protected by loyal guard dog Misha.

Suddenly, the house began to shake.

Hannah and Sean’s first thought?

Get to the twins.

“Sean and I immediately ran into the room, grabbed the twins, and called Misha to follow,” Hannah remembered. “My first thought about Misha’s reaction was, ‘Thank God, she was there,’ because she never left their side.”

Misha stood solidly as the magnitude 5.1 earthquake rocked the home, holding down the fort for Hannah and Sean until they arrived in the room.

Misha’s loyal protection is proof of what we all already know: There’s no truer friend, no better protector, than a dog.

Watch the baby cam footage of the earthquake below to see Misha in action.


8/20/23 baby cam footage of the 5.1 earthquake. #fyp #twins #earthquake

♬ original sound – Opal and Onyx

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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