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Sassy Standoff! Grandma Meets Her Match In Her Adorably Cheeky Great Granddaughter.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a great grandmother sternly pointing her finger while sitting at a dining table. The second photo shows a baby sitting in her high chair. She is sitting across from her great grandmother and is seemingly copying the way she eats. The energy of this photo is very much like that of the meme with the woman yelling at the cat.

According to Jessica Olson, she has a rather sassy Grandma. As it turns out, though, there is a single person who can compete with her — and that’s her very own great granddaughter. Adorable evidence of this was shared on Jessica’s TikTok page where she goes by JessO. The video starts by showing her 22-month-old sitting in her high chair.

At first, it doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary is happening. Instead, it simply looks like the family is gathered around for a nice meal together. But then, suddenly, Jessica’s baby follows through on an incredible idea. Rather than chewing normally, she begins to move her mouth just like her Great Grandma, who Jessica says is toothless.

The whole family instantly bursts into laughter, no doubt encouraging the little one to keep going. Actually, correction: The baby causes almost all of her family to die of laughter. Grandma simply keeps a straight face, seemingly shocked by the baby’s bold actions.

“You quit that,” she says sternly, all while pointing a finger at her.

As you can imagine, this only makes everyone else laugh even more.

Watch this adorable baby win a sassy standoff with her Great Grandmother in the video below.

@bossanova888 Sassy grandma met her match #savage #wholesometiktok #4generations #greatgrandma #toothless #dentures #toddlermom #2under2 ♬ original sound – JessO

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