Sassy Deer Loves When Human Friend Reads Shakespeare Sonnets To Her.

A man reads Shakespeare out loud to a deer in the woods.

William Shakespeare’s work is so timeless, even a deer can appreciate it. One man from Canada filmed himself reading the Bard out loud to a local whitetail deer, and the result is hilariously wholesome! In the video, he reads Sonnet 2 to the four-legged creature, whom he describes as “bossy.” It’s an apt characterization, as the deer frequently huffs and stomps her feet throughout the reading!

Despite the interruptions, the man recited the poem beautifully. Even the “bossy” deer had to admit that he’d done a good job with Shakespeare’s words! When he asked her if she’d enjoyed the sonnet, she actually nodded her head affirmatively! ViralHog shared the sweet video on YouTube, including a quote from the creator.

A man reads Shakespeare out loud to a deer in the woods.
Screengrab from ViralHog/YouTube

“The last couple of years I’ve made friends with a lot of whitetail deer in a local park,” reads the caption of the video. “One of them in particular seems to like it when I read Shakespeare’s sonnets to her, and she quite often displays some quite humorous and well-timed responses. This is one of those occasions where she was feeling particularly sassy.”

It’s so cool to see animals enjoying beautiful poetry! Did you know that some critters also love music?

Watch this animal lover read one of Shakespeare’s sonnets to an appreciative deer in the video below!

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