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10 Animals Who Are Drawn To Music Like Moths To A Flame

horses listening to violin music

The poet William Congreve first wrote, “Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast,” back in the 1600s, but the saying still applies to this day.

There’s just something about music that calms the mind and body, and as it turns out, the power of music doesn’t just apply to humans. Studies have shown that animals prefer music that’s similar in pitch and tone to the sounds their own species make. Perhaps that’s why cows can’t seem to get enough of violin music? Or why dogs dig the guitar? Who knows – we’re not scientists, we just love animals enjoying their favorite tunes!

1. This fox decided to stop by and listen to the banjo for a while. As one does.

2. This little girl has a very unique way of calling the cattle in for the night.

3. It turns out that horses really, really, really like violin music. Who knew?

4. Tim here has found a very lovely singer to accompany him on the mandolin.

5. This herd of cows can’t get enough lively Irish music.

6. Meanwhile, this giant baby of a cow is lulled to sleep while listening to a lullaby.

7. Two lines of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and this adorable pup is out like a light.

8. These beluga whales enjoyed a private show thanks to this man and his violin.


Private performance for the belugas! Thanks for coming and playing @bigluxviolin! #mysticaquarium #foryou #music #aquarium #beluga

♬ original sound – Mystic Aquarium

9. Meet the extraordinary cellist who plays private concerts to soothe anxious shelter dogs.

10. And finally, watch this gentle deer peek out of the woods to admire a beautiful harp melody.

That’s officially enough proof for us: Animals clearly love music as much as we do!

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