15-Yr-Old Singer Chooses “Impossible Song,” But Her Unbelievable Voice Win’s Simon’s Golden Buzzer.

Sarah Ikumu stepped on stage at Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday unassuming, humble and “hoping for the best.” The daughter of Kenyan immigrants, Sarah started singing in her father’s church choir at the age of 5. At her big debut her parents were there to cheer their daughter on.

Sarah announced she wanted to sing one of the biggest songs in history, Jennifer Hudson’s epic ballad “You’re Gonna Love Me”. Simon showed immediate distaste for her song choice, but allowed her to continue, and off she went. Words honestly can’t describe what Simon and the rest witnessed next.


Sarah singlehandedly took on of the most difficult songs in history, and not only nailed it, but made it her own.

The 15-yr-old seemed ‘possessed’ while on stage – with a control, maturity, and musicality to her performance reserved for the great performers through history.

And Simon, transfixed, immediately pushed the golden buzzer.


It would be cruel to make you wait any longer to watch Sarah’s epic golden buzzer performance. Check it out in the video below.

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