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Santa Teams Up With TikToker To Give Away $5,000 And A PS5 To Strangers.

Zachery Dereniowski teams up with Santa to give away cash.

This holiday season, Santa Claus got a hand from social media star Zachery Dereniowski, who helped him give away thousands of dollars to strangers! In an inspiring video, the TikToker offered to join forces with Kris Kringle. He explained that he had $5,000 and a PS5, and he wanted to use them to give a few lucky recipients the best Christmas ever! Santa readily agreed to the plan.

Dereniowski filmed St. Nick as he walked up to random strangers and offered them $1,000 each in cash. When Santa started to give away these generous sums, many of the reactions were heartwarming!

Zachery Dereniowski teams up with Santa to give away cash.
Screengrab from Zachery Dereniowski/TikTok

“How about if I donate it back?” asked one selfless man. “To someone so that it goes to a charity for toys and food?”

One dad was excited to spend the money on his children.

“I’m going to make sure the kids have a Christmas that they weren’t going to get before,” he told Santa.

Commenters were touched by Zachery Dereniowski’s holiday spirit and the actor’s excellent portrayal of Santa Claus!

“This was so lovely it made me cry,” said one user. “Coming from Santa was extra special.”

Watch the video below to see Santa give away thousands in Christmas cheer!


“Would you rather have a PS5 or giveaway $5000 to strangers?” 🎅❤️ #christmas #sanra #money #ps5 #kindness #kids

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