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Handsome Ice Skater Has Fans Screaming With “Footloose” Routine.

Kevin Bacon’s warehouse dance scene in “Footloose”is one of the most iconic ever, so beloved that it’s spawned countless copycats since the movie’s 1984 release.

Most of those copycats, however, do the routine on solid ground – as in, ground that’s dry and reliably stable. Ryan Bradley, on the other hand, took “Footloose” to the next level.

Ryan is a professional skater, and while he (or anyone else, for that matter) isn’t able to do all the flying leaps and back flips in the original scene, he does manage some incredible twists, turns, and even a back flip in a routine that begs the question: “How?â€

ryan backflip

His memorable homage to that iconic scene, shown in the video below, came during the Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love On Ice event in Kent, Washington back in 2012, one year after he officially retired from competitive skating.

Ryan started skating at the age of two and won countless medals and titles in the ensuing decades. Meanwhile, most of us can’t even do a somersault.

ryan skating routine

And even though he’s not competing anymore, he’s in no way ready to be put out to pasture just yet. Ryan is still skating and entertaining crowds at events like Pandora. After medaling in so many events, it has to be nice to kick back and be have fun skating purely for the joy it brings him and everyone who watches him.

ryan bradley fb photo

Our sport’s very technical, so when things start to go awry, it’s really easy to think that it’s just gone. And instead of just being able to fix it with something simple, you get overwhelmed by it and think it’s just not there anymore. You just kind of wisen up and realize that it’s still always in you, it’s always there, you just have to just relax and get out of your own way sometimes.

Those are some wise words to remember, not just for an ice skater but for anyone!

Check out Ryan’s moves below, and share!

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