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Mom Brings Puppy Home & Older Dog’s Reaction Has Everyone Melting.

Sibling relationships can be complicated. When you bring the newest member of the family home, all you can really do is hope for a quick adjustment period and that they’ll be best friends from there on out… especially when it comes to four-legged family members.

Golden retrievers, however, are in a league of their own. These woofers are universally friendly and cheerful, whether they’ve known you 10 minutes or 10 years.

This video is proof that Goldens don’t have a jealous bone in their sweet bodies.

golden sees puppy

It starts with Mom walking in carrying a grocery bag, which is always a good sign. But that doesn’t smell like Milk Bones or even peanut butter. Then the dog sees (or, more likely, smells) the puppy and he completely loses it! This little munchkin is so small he can fit in a grocery bag and big brother can’t get over how dang cute that is, and has he mentioned how he’s been trying to tell Mom and Dad he needs a little buddy for years?

He completely forgets his manners and does a little pirouette. Then he stops to make sure he’s really seeing what he thinks he’s seeing, this isn’t all just a dream, and gives Dad the biggest, goofiest grin ever!

golden retriever excited

A puppy?! For me? Are you serious? How did you know?!

He sits down like a good boy while Mom lifts Junior out of the bag, then bows down so they can properly bump noses. He’s doing his absolute best to not get too excited and ruin everything, but nothing gives away how a dog’s really feeling like his tail. And if his tail were twirling any faster, he’d be circling the ceiling.

Check out the rest of this first meet-and-greet in the clip below, and share to spread a smile!

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