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Russian Sailors Spot Lone Dog Wandering The Arctic And Rush To Bring Her Home.

A Russian icebreaker ship was going about its usual route when the sailors on board noticed something that didn’t belong on the ice below.

After taking a closer look, they realized they had come across a white, fluffy dog. They kept an eye on the lost pup while they lowered a ladder so they could rescue her as quickly as possible.

Aika the dog must have been beyond ready to end her adventure away from home. Without any encouragement, she managed to make her way onto the ship using the stairs.

“With the help of mobile phone, we established contact with the local population, found the owner of the dog,” said Evgeny Nagibin, a navigation assistant.

The pup’s owner, Svetlana Chereshneva, was completely stunned. It always feels like a miracle when a missing dog is found, but Aika’s story is especially astounding.

Svetlana and Aika live in the nearby village of Mys Kamenny. One day, the two of them were on a walk when Aika managed to get out of her mom’s sight and ran away. The herding dog ended up wandering around for over a week before she was found.

Aika is a Samoyed herding dog, which are native to northern Russia and Siberia. There’s no doubt that helped her survive her cold journey in the Arctic. That said, Svetlana recognizes the huge role the sailors played. In fact, she said she doesn’t believe Aika would have survived had it not been for their kindness.

Soon after the pup returned home, Svetlana was happy to report that she and Aika are both thrilled to be back together again. Despite all she endured, it didn’t take long for Aika to go back to her normal self.

We’re so glad Aika’s journey had a happy ending! Share this story to celebrate with us.

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