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Heroic Mama Cat Dashes Into Blazing Barn To Rescue Her Kitten.

Whether they’re human or not, moms are willing to do everything they can to protect their little ones.

That’s why a mama cat named Minka didn’t hesitate to rush inside a burning barn in order to protect her litter. Despite the danger she put herself in, the risk was more than worth it to save her babies’ lives!

Minka was incredibly determined, venturing in and out of the flames several times. Although she tragically wasn’t able to save all of her little ones, she did manage to rescue one small, black kitten named Francis.

The property owners did their best to help these semi-feral cats recover, but they quickly realized the care the felines needed was beyond what they could provide. That’s when they turned to Furget Me Not Animal Rescue, a no-kill group.

“We are way over capacity with kittens right now, but when we were alerted to a very emergent situation with a cat in excruciating pain and unable to care for her baby, of course we said yes,” the foster home-based organization wrote on Facebook.

Thankfully, Windermere Veterinary Hospital responded to the animal shelter’s call immediately, and their compassionate employees began giving the cats the treatment they so desperately needed.

The road to recovery hasn’t been easy for Minka or her little one. Minka sustained burns all over her body and suffered from smoke inhalation. Meanwhile, the medical bills added up, causing issues for their owners until Furget Me Not Animal Rescue stepped in again.

They reached out to their followers on Facebook to ask for donations, and in just over a week, people happily delivered everything they needed. As a result of so much TLC, Minka’s health has drastically improved!

“We’re amazed and incredibly humbled by the international response to Minka’s story!” the animal shelter said. “She’s made incredible progress with her socialization, it’s safe to say this is not a feral kitty. We’ve been able to reduce her pain medication while still keeping her very comfortable and happy, and both she and her little one Francis are enjoying all the wet food they can eat.”

Although she is still on the road to full health, things are looking up for this heroic mama cat! We’re wishing Minka and Francis a speedy recovery and a life full of love and delicious food!

Watch Minka and her baby play together in the video below, and share this story to celebrate the bravery and determination of all parents.

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