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Airline Wouldn’t Let Dad And Newborn Fly Home So Stranger Steps In To Help.

Every parent who has flown with a baby knows how difficult it is, and Rubin Swift’s daughter was even younger than most.

In fact, Ru-Andria was so fresh out of the hospital that when she and her dad tried to check in for their 2018 flight from Arizona to Ohio, they were turned away.


Rubin had just gained custody of his 4-day-old and was trying to get her home. Unfortunately, Frontier Airlines has a policy in place that an infant must be at least 7 days old to fly, so despite having all the required documentation from Ru-Andria’s team of doctors, the new dad was out of luck.

Not knowing where else to turn, Rubin called a volunteer he’d met in the hospital named Joy Ringhofer.

Joy had been holding Ru-Andria when Rubin first arrived, and they’d formed an instant connection. So when she heard what was going on, Rubin said the stranger replied without hesitation: “I’m coming to get you, and I’m going to take you home.”


And she did! She let them stay with her until Ru-Andria was old enough to fly, which ended up being the perfect match for the stressed family. Joy fed them and gave the “beautiful and wonderful” infant plenty of love.

By the time they were ready to leave, Joy wasn’t ready to see them off. She said, “I’m going to really miss her when she’s gone.”


Both Rubin and Ru-Andria made it safely home, and it’s all thanks to the selfless volunteer who went way beyond the call of duty!

“She could have said, ‘It’s your problem,’ and hung up the phone,” Rubin said. “So I thank her. I thank God for her – and the staff at the hospital.”


What a wonderful way to show kindness to a parent in need! If you’re ever lucky enough to meet Joy, make sure to thank her for setting such an inspiring example.

Check out the sweet story (and adorable baby) in the video below, and be sure to spread the love by sharing it with your friends!

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