Rory The French Bulldog Shares Exciting Update On Her “Relationship” With Henry Cavill.

A two-photo collage. The first shows Rory the French bulldog posing in front of the Eiffel tower. The second shows Rory looking at her shrine of Henry Cavill merch.

They say you should never meet your heroes, but we think Rory the French bulldog should be an exception. In case you forgot or missed when we first introduced this feisty TikTok sensation, Rory is absolutely obsessed with the actor Henry Cavill. And we mean obsessed.


Whenever Cavill is around, whether in videos or photos, Rory can’t help but stare lovingly. Folks from all around the world have gifted the pup with Cavill merch, all of which genuinely has the ability to calm her. That’s why, when her human, Heather Land, recently shared an exciting update, their fans on TikTok celebrated!

@rorythefrenchie Are you ready for this??? Who’s excited? More details to follow later! #Rory #frenchie #dogsoftiktok #thewitcher #netflix #henrycavill #itshappening @Netflix ♬ A Moment Like This – Leona Lewis

Since sharing this thrilling news, fans of Rory have so many questions. The most important of all being, “Will Rory finally get to meet her celebrity crush?”

Heather can’t, or won’t, answer, leaving us on the edge of our seats until “The Witcher” season 3 premiere on June 28th. In the meanwhile, we get a sneak peak into Rory and Heather’s journey to the premiere in London!

@rorythefrenchie Rory can’t wait for the Witcher premiere! All of our travels went super smoothly!! Rory is safe and happy and already staring at her man 🤣 #rory #frenchie #paris #travel #thewitcher @Netflix ♬ Perfect – Instrumental – Guitar Tribute Players

You know Rory is reaching celebrity-status of her own when the hotel staff know her! Plus, placing a phot of Cavill in their room so it feels like home is truly such a nice touch.

Now that the two of them are in London, it’s time to explore the city and get ready for a red carpet premiere. We can only imagine how nervous and excited the two of them must be for tomorrow’s big day!

@rorythefrenchie …or??? #dogsoftiktok #rory #frenchie #henrycavill ♬ original sound – PEGGY

Only time will tell if little Rory will finally get to meet the love of her life but one thing is for sure: We’ll all be waiting with baited breathe to find out!

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