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Feisty French Bulldog Only Has Eyes For Henry Cavill And We Have Hilarious Proof.

If you’ve ever found yourself crushing on a celebrity, you can understand the allure of star power – that indefinable quality that makes someone shine on the stage or big screen. And contrary to popular belief, celebrity infatuation is not exclusive to teenagers – apparently it’s not even exclusive to the human race.

Meet Rory, the feisty French bulldog who has become a viral TikTok sensation. Rory first made the scene as a temperamental pooch with a penchant for adorable costumes. It seems that Rory’s owner, Heather Land, enjoys dressing her doggie up for costume contests and showcasing her tempestuous personality online. Though entertaining in her own right, Rory soon became best known for something else: her full-on obsession with actor Henry Cavill!

Heather initially discovered the connection when Rory paid special attention to any movies featuring the “Superman” star. Whenever Henry Cavill appeared onscreen, Rory would suddenly perk up and watch. Other movies with different actors failed to capture Rory’s interest in the same way.

Over time, Heather devised a number of experiments to test Rory’s affinity for the actor. Each scenario has proven that Rory is indeed smitten with Henry Cavill himself: his face, his voice, and his immediate proximity.

“I made a silent slideshow with different photos of Cavill, and Rory lovingly stared at the entire slideshow. I was then given the suggestion to put a framed photo of Cavill by her bed – which we refer to as The Tantrum Couch – and she sits and stares at that photo multiple times [a day], every single day,” said Heather. “It’s safe to say she clearly has a love for Henry Cavill.”

Not only does Rory love to see or hear Henry Cavill, she is actually calmed by him. With his photograph nearby to comfort her, Rory’s angry outbursts have almost disappeared. In fact, many of Rory’s fans have sent movie merch to help Heather create a sort of shrine to the actor and turn “The Tantrum Couch” into a happy place. Thanks to the generosity of viewers, Rory is now happily ensconced in Henry Cavill pillows, blankets, and plush toys on a regular basis. What more could a girl ask for?

@rorythefrenchie Doing the science for you all 😆 I’ve seen so many videos lately of people saying their pet loves a celebrity, but I don’t want to just tell you, I want to prove it… for science! #dogsoftiktok #Rory #puppylove #funnydog #henrycavill #doglover ♬ You’re Still The One – Remixed/Remastered 2004 – Shania Twain

Of course, Rory’s fanbase of well-over 100,000 TikTok followers are always game for new videos of this adorable bulldog and her love for Henry Cavill. Whether she’s jumping off the couch to get a closer look at the screen or gazing lovingly at his photograph, we simply can’t get enough of Rory’s affection for Henry!

Ready to see Rory take puppy love to the next level? Watch the adorable video below and share this sweet story with other animal lovers (and hey, don’t forget about the other Henry Cavill fans out there)!

@rorythefrenchie Replying to @kikiscircus The world could always use more wholesome content, especially when there’s cute dogs involved. And what’s more wholesome and adorable than literal puppy love? #dogsoftiktok #lovestory #whattheworldneeds #wholesome #frenchie #henrycavill ♬ What The World Needs Now – Dionne Warwick

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