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“Roman Soldiers” Invade Panera, Further Proving Social Media’s Hilarious Theory About Men.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a close up of a Panera employee, eyebrows raised from surprise by what she's looking at offscreen. The second photo shows a group of four people or more, who are dressed as Roman Soldiers, walking in a single file inside.

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? In case you weren’t aware, a trend on TikTok had folks everywhere asking the men in their lives this very question. Why? Turns out, this topic is one that men think about fairly often. Further proving this to be true, a group of historical cosplayers, who call themselves The Ancient Armory on TikTok, showed up to a Panera fully dressed in Roman attire.

Again, you’re likely wondering, “But why?” Great question! Because Panera has a Roman Empire menu now, of course! And yes, it is actually inspired by the Roman Empire trend that originated on TikTok. In a video capturing the moment, this fun-loving group stayed committed to the bit as they approached the cashier who looked rather amused.

When it came to the utensils, they only asked for knives — and a lot of them, clearly referencing Julius Caesar’s death. Naturally, the order was put under “Caesar,” though I’d argue that it would have been more fitting to go with Brutus.

Watch these cosplayers commit to their hilarious Roman Empire bit at Panera in the video below.

@theancientarmory Hey @Panera Bread heard you guys have a Roman Empire menu now 😎 Videography by @Renshi!!! #panera #panerabread #romanempiremenu #romanempire #romanempiretrend #rome #roman #romanlegion #lunch #dinner #bagel #bread #caesarsalad #ettubrutus ♬ original sound – The Ancient Armory

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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