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This Little Boy With Spina Bifida Has Hearts Melting All Around The World.

roman spina bifida

Some people start beating the odds before they’re even born. Roman Dinkel of Olathe, Kansas, is one of those people.

At age 3, Roman has already overcome countless obstacles to accomplish what most kindergartners do without thinking. For one thing, he’s walking – something his parents and doctors feared he’d never be able to do.


When Roman’s mother Whitney Dinkel was 20 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound showed every parents’ fear. Their little boy was diagnosed in utero with spina bifida, a condition in which a portion of the neural tube doesn’t develop properly, causing severe defects in the spinal cord and the bones of the spine.


Although Roman’s prognosis was bleak, Whitney and her husband, Adam, had faith that everything would work out. Five years later, their little boy is not only thriving, but he’s melting hearts all over the internet.


Wanting to share how Roman “has, and will continue, to defy the odds of his diagnosis,” Whitney and Adam started a Facebook page to share their son’s latest accomplishments.

Take a look at the moment that Roman shared with Maggie, the family dog, as he cheerfully announced that he’s walking on his own two feet.

“Look Maggie!” Roman says with a giggle. “I walking, Maggie!”

Aww! Is it dusty in here?


The videos and pictures Whitney shares on Facebook are so incredibly cute and inspiring! Roman has an exuberant nature that just shines through the camera. The way he takes on any challenge with such courage and optimism could warm even the coldest heart.

And that smile!


Roman’s internet fan base grows larger each day, and now there’s a GoFundMe set up for those who wish to help Roman and his family out with the cost of his medical treatment.

Take a look at one more sweet video of Roman below, and be sure to share it with someone who could also use a good, happy cry!

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