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Rolling Stones Guitarist Gets Double The Help When His Twin Daughters Get Their Hands On His Setlist

Ronnie Wood looks at the camera, eyes wide, as he holds a marker in his hands. Standing next to him is one of his twins. She's busy adding something to the setlist that's just out of view in this image

After decades of making music history, it’s safe to say that Rolling Stone’s guitarist, Ronnie Wood, knows what he’s doing — but he can still use help from his daughters. This can be seen in the adorable way they’ve tagged along for the band’s latest tour. It’s named after their latest album, Hackney Diamonds. This is the first collection of new songs from the Rolling Stones since 2005 and their first tour since 2019. As you can imagine, their setlist is made of both old and new songs.

But have you ever given thought to the process behind making a setlist? Thanks to a post shared on Wood’s social media accounts, we get an adorable sneak peak. Most of the setlist is made by the time we see it. But that doesn’t stop Wood’s twin daughters, Alice and Gracie, from putting their own personal touches to it. See for yourself in the clip below — it’s the third slide!

As you can see, this is no ordinary setlist. On the contrary, it’s been made to be colorful and full of cute drawings. Best of all, even Wood gets in on the fun. He does this by outlining an already colorful letter with even more color. Although it’s certainly not the aesthetic anyone imagines when thinking of the Rolling Stones, it couldn’t be more perfect!

Ronnie Wood’s Twin Daughters Get Creative When Given the Chance to Alter the Rolling Stone’s Setlist

Needless to say, fans of Wood are delighted over this sweet moment with his twins who, by the way, turned 8 years old at the end of May! Not only is he finding a way to spend time with them amidst a busy tour, but he’s also fostering their creativity. And, if Wood’s illustrious career is any indication, these girls are sure to have bright futures of their own, no matter their career paths!

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