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Precious Clip Shows Baby “Babbling” With Grandparents In ASL

A baby making gestures with her arms and hands.

Kids learn by example, so it’s no wonder that this baby started “babbling” with her hands after watching her Deaf grandparents use ASL! In the sweetest video you’ll see all day, proud mom Mara McCullough captured her daughter, Jane, attempting to sign with her hands. Even though she was too young to communicate anything comprehensible, it’s still adorable to watch her try. Grandma was so thrilled that the baby wanted to copy her!

“Are you trying to sign?” the woman asked her granddaughter in sign language.

Since the baby didn’t actually know what she was saying, her mother jokingly called her wild gestures “babbling” in ASL. For someone who couldn’t talk yet, this little girl sure seemed to have a lot to say. Jane wouldn’t stop waving her arms around!

“She wanted to be in on the conversation too,” Mara wrote in her caption on social media.

This heartwarming video of baby Jane “babbling” in ASL has gone viral online, gaining over a million views! Commenters loved seeing the little girl trying so hard to communicate with her grandparents by mirroring their behavior.

“She obviously has a lot to tell her grandparents,” wrote one user.

“Babies finger babbling will never not be the most amazing thing to me,” marveled another. “The fact that they understand that the signing is communication and try to mimic it is so wild!”

A baby making gestures with her arms and hands.
Screengrab from TikTok

A third added, “She’s got the spirit, but doesn’t quite have the dexterity and is still so cute.”

If baby Jane babbling in ASL looks familiar to you, it’s probably because this isn’t the first video of her that’s gone viral. A clip of this little girl as a newborn spending some quality time with her Deaf grandpa has received five million views! Even back then, she seemed to be trying to communicate with her hands.

We’re sure this baby will eventually get the hang of ASL, but, until then, her hand babbling is just too cute!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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