Former NASA Physicist Is Proving Math And Art Go Together With Intricate Origami.

Art and science may seem like completely separate subjects, but throughout his evolving career, Robert Lang has proven how connected they truly are.

Formerly one of NASA’s leading researchers, Robert studied lasers and developed 46 patents. But he’s better known today for creating some of the most intricate origami figures the world has seen!

The expert physicist and origami master has discovered firsthand that each discipline can be applied to the other in incredibly helpful (and surprising) ways.

For example, Robert combined physics with his passion for folding patterns all the time while he was at NASA, only his materials extended beyond paper. His innovative designs have been used in satellite dishes, rockets, and even car airbags!

In 2001, he left his job to pursue his calling as an artist. But he didn’t leave his scientific knowledge behind! Nowadays, he is still happily applying mathematical equations to paper folds, bringing seemingly impossible shapes to life.

Many of his pieces feature thousands of individual folds! While this baffles his fans, Robert credits math for opening up a world of possibilities.

To him, there’s no better feeling than running into a problem and using his knowledge to solve it.

“For me, the driving force is that there’s always something new to try — a new problem, a new subject, a new shape that I didn’t think I was able to create before,” he said. “And each time I solve a problem, you get this wonderful feeling, and you want more of those feelings.”

Robert is redefining what it means to be a scientist and an artist — and reminding all of us that we can be both! Keep up the great work!

Check out more of his origami masterpieces in the video below, and share this story to make someone smile.

This Origami Will Blow You Away

He studied lasers at NASA and has over 40 patents to his name, but Robert Lang is best known for something else: He's an origami legend.

Posted by Great Big Story on Monday, August 24, 2020
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