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Photographer Climbs 300-Ft Towers To Capture The Beauty Of Africa.

When many people think of Africa, all that comes to mind is war, disease, and famine because of the way the continent is portrayed by media.

But Kenyan photographer Mutua Matheka wants the world to know there’s so much more to his home and the surrounding countries! That’s why he’s using his unique abilities to show Africa from a different perspective.

It didn’t take long for Mutua to understand that true perspective calls for a different point of view. That’s why he decided to climb seven towering communication towers, some as tall as 300 feet, to get some truly perfect shots!

Not only that, but he also traveled around the continent for eight days, highlighting the beautiful sides of Africa so few of us are lucky enough to see.

At first, his mission was to educate Western countries about the misunderstood continent, but he soon realized it was also important to change the perceptions of those who actually live there.

“If I can keep shooting what I want people to see, then I believe over time this changes what people think of themselves,” Mutua said.

From these heights, it’s easy to see things differently. In fact, Mutua describes the view as that of another world.

“I can almost guarantee no photographer in Africa or in Kenya has photographed from the heights that I’ve photographed from,” he said.

Because of that, the gifted artist has found a unique opportunity to open hearts and minds.

“I think if we see that what we have is really beautiful and worth protecting, then we’ll put a lot more effort into protecting it for ourselves and for the future,” he explained.

What a stunning place! Thank you, Mutua, for sharing these powerful images with the world! You can find more of his breathtaking work on Instagram, Facebook, and his website.

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