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Robert Irwin Reveals The One Animal He’s Afraid Of — And The Reason His Father Steve Agreed

Robert Irwin sits in a chair. He rests one of his hands on his chin has he smiles wide, laughing.

If you know anything about Steve Irwin’s family, then you know exactly how much they adore creatures of all kinds. In fact, the Crocodile Hunter was quick to get close with any animal, even those that were incredibly dangerous. His children, Robert and Bindi Irwin, are no different. That being said, everyone has fears.

That’s why, when the Brisbane Times interviewed Robert, they asked: Is there an animal you’re afraid of? His answer is incredibly surprising, but not for the reason you might think.

@brisbanetimes What animal is Robert Irwin scared of? What is he reading at the moment? How does he relax? Get to know one of Queensland’s biggest stars. #robertirwin #irwinfamily ♬ original sound – brisbanetimes

“Human beings,” Robert admits with a laugh. “My dad used to say crocodiles are easy because they’ll always try to kill you. But people will try to be your friend first.”

Their unique take on this question further highlights why the Irwin family has always been so amazing at what they do. Their love and respect for all creatures helps them raise awareness of the importance in taking care of everything in nature, no matter how scary animals may be at times — humans included!

Robert Irwin Carries on His Beloved Dad’s Legacy

Fans of the Irwin family are very much loving this short interview with Robert, noting that he’s carrying on the legacy that his dad helped start.

“Never ever skipping a Robert Irwin video the same exact way I never ever changed the channel when Steve was on,” one person shares.

“What a lovely young man,” another writes. “He has done his father so proud.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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