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Man Shares Surprisingly Wholesome Way His Pet Turtle Greets Him Every Time He Returns Home

Sergio the turtle walks on the floor away from his kiddie pool with a ramp.

At the end of a long work day, many of us can’t wait to go home to our loving dog or cat. Instead, Kenny James has Sergio the turtle. This sweet reptile has been in Kenny’s life for years, and their wholesome bond is as strong as ever. As happy as he is to reunite with Sergio every day, his turtle friend feels the same way. In fact, you can see for yourself on Kenny’s TikTok account.

Here, Kenny often shares what it’s like to return home to a loving turtle. Similar to a dog, Sergio is always happy to greet his human. But in the video below, Kenny makes an attempt to sneak up on him… and fails. But with the end result being the same (that is getting to pet a happy Sergio), I have a feeling Kenny doesn’t mind too much.

@kenny_james16 This is what I come home to after work.. #mysergio🐢 #sergioturtle ♬ Music Box Dancer – Frank Mills

Sergio the Turtle Waddles Over to Welcome His Human Home

By the time Kenny enters the room, Sergio is already making his way over. He does pause a moment when Kenny gets closer, almost as if he’s surprised he’s there, but then he continues on, excited that his buddy is back and ready to give him all the pets. In fact, as many in the comments have pointed out, Sergio is so happy, he wags his tail!

A hand reaches out to pet a turtle that's walking on wood floor inside a home.

“Adorable! Golden retriever in a turtle shell,” one person writes.

“He’s happy to see you!” another person shares. “He moved at sonic speed for a turtle!”

How adorable is their friendship!? It looks like more folks need to consider having a reptile as their four-legged friend!

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