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Robert Irwin Jokingly Gives Us A Tour Of His Humble Australian Abode.

A two-photo collage. The first shows Robert Irwin standing outside, arms stretched out wide to show off the broken down home in the distance behind him. The second photo shows Robert Irwin inside that home, laying on a dirty bed in a dirty room. His arms are, once again, stretched out to show off the space.

Like his late Dad, Steve Irwin, Robert Irwin is known for his unending passion for helping wildlife — but he’s also known for being an all around great, witty person. This fact couldn’t be clearer than in the fun videos he shares online. One of his most recent TikToks has to be one of my favorites. In it, 19-year-old Irwin pretends as though he doesn’t know the person recording him when he asks about how much he pays in rent to live in the Outback.

Irwin responds by offering to give a tour of his humble abode. We’re taken to a totally abandoned home that is absolutely falling apart and is, in fact, not Irwin’s home. But for the rest of the video, Irwin commits to the bit, pretending as though this really is where he lives.

Robert Irwin stand on the second story of a broken down home. He has his arms spread out through openings in the wall where windows might be. Instead, there's just a frame of the building.

Fragile staircase steps, missing windows, giant spiders, and a broken, outdoor toilet — these are just a few of the unique features you can expect in this vintage home! Ever the optimist, Irwin puts a positive spin on these drawbacks.

“It’s so nice when you don’t have to worry about silly things like windows,” Irwin said, taking a deep breath. “That air flow!”

Watch Robert Irwin’s funny home tour in the video below.


New house alert 🚨 Take an exclusive look at my new place!

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