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Dad Masters Hula Dance To Help 6-Yr-Old Daughter With Her Stage Fright.

When it comes to helping our children succeed there’s very little a good parent won’t do.

In one of the cutest viral videos we’ve seen in quite some time, thirty-five year-old father of four Rjay Tolentino proved that he’s man enough to wiggle his hips and get his hula on with the best of them. It all started when his daughter Lyra Jaz got up on stage to perform in a talent show in Pasig City, Philippines.


Lyra had been practicing the hula dance at home, and clearly her dad was paying attention because he had the routine down pat. As the six year old stood on stage dressed in her adorable Hawaiian outfit she felt so nervous she wasn’t sure she could perform. Thankfully, Rjay was there to save the day, and he didn’t hesitate to jump up to guide her.

Another parent recorded the moment when Rjay began reminding Lyra of the moves. As the parents around him giggled, Rjay stood in the aisle facing the stage and proceeded to perform the entire hula dance, right down to the hip wiggling, so that Lyra could follow along on stage.

”I knew my girl had stage nerves so I just tried to do everything I could to make her feel better,” Rjay explained.


What a terrific daddy! We always love to see parents who aren’t afraid to act a little silly in public if it means their child feels more comfortable. Rjay is definitely the guy we want in the audience if we ever get stage fright… or if we ever need hula advice!

Watch Rjay helping his daughter get through the talent show performance in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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