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Ridiculously Cute Video: Horse “Offers” Cat Friend A Ride.

Side view of a white and brown horse with a cat riding on their back. The cat is laying on their stomach and looks comfortable.

Growing up, I absolutely adored movies that featured adorable animals. Many of them centered around the idea of creatures of all kinds becoming friends as they went on crazy adventures. While these stories are fiction, of course, some elements aren’t as far from reality as they might seem. Take for example the friendship between this cat and horse.

In a video that was shared online, a cat can be seen perched on a pole. Then, as if summoned by the feline’s small “meow,” a beautiful white and brown horse trots up next to him. Once the horse is in the right position, the cat gently leaps onto her back — and their adventure begins.

Close up of a large white and brown horse with a cat sitting on their head. The two of them appear to be watching the sunset together.

Sure, the two of them don’t wander off for a particularly high-stakes quest, but they do seem to take a leisurely stroll to enjoy nature, including the sunset. And you know what? That very well may be the best kind of adventure.

Watch the video below to appreciate this adorable cat riding a beautiful white and brown horse for a peaceful adventure.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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