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5 Animals Enjoying Halloween Pumpkins More Than Anyone Else!

animals and halloween pumpkins

Halloween is a fun time of year for folks of all ages. Kids can dress up in costume and grab free candy, while adults can play pretend and watch spooky movies!

But Halloween is wonderful for more than just people. These animals are loving the delicious treats that can be found around this time of year! Animals and Halloween pumpkins are the perfect combination. Check out these five animals who are enjoying yummy Halloween snacks!

1. This capybara loves a pumpkin! In fact, even her name is Pumpkin!


Pumpkin pool day for Pumpkin the capybara! Floating the pumpkin in her pool is a great enrichment activity because she has to swim and move the pumpkin to eat it! It makes her think and use her brain, while also getting some extra exercise! PSA – Her pool isn’t done filling up yet in this one, it takes about two hours to fill entirely and we didn’t want to make her wait for snacks 😆 #pumpkin #pumpkinseason #animals #animalsoftiktok #animalsreact #funnyanimals #cuteanimals #capybara #capybaratiktok

♬ original sound – DarkWingsWildlife

2. Deer, lizards, and turtles all love their jack-o-lantern dessert!


Halloween came early for some animals at the London Zoo. Video shows pumpkins that keepers carved for some of their 14,000 animal residents being enjoyed as treats. #halloween #animal #animals #london #zoo #pumpkin #pumpkins #treat #treats #news #fyp #foryoupage #abc7news

♬ original sound – ABC7 News

4. These turtles are living their absolute best lives.


ZOO ANIMALS EATING PUMPKINS! The @Brookfield Zoo gave some of their animals Halloween treats this month. Here is a turtle, a porcupine, some goats and a sloth bear enjoying something to eat. As seen on @wgnmorningnews TrendingNews. #animals #fyp #halloween #pumpkin #pumpkinseason

♬ original sound – Marcus Leshock

5. Animals big and small love their pumpkin treats!

Who knew that animals and Halloween pumpkins went together so well? Stay safe this Halloween and, hey! If you have an extra pumpkin lying around… give it to your neighborhood capybara!

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