Retired K9 Disappears Into Blazing Home To Rescue 2 Toddlers Trapped Inside.

Maxx the dog may have retired from Seminole County Sheriff’s Office’s K9 unit in Florida, but his years of service kicked in when his family’s home became engulfed in flames one night.

It was after 11 p.m. when a loud noise caught the attention of Chip Dover, a nearby neighbor. He quickly called 911 before heading over to the source of the sound: a fire.

Hoping to give anyone inside the burning home a way to escape, Chip used a piece of patio furniture to break a window. It took some encouragement, but with his son’s help, he was able to get Margo Feaser to come over to the window so she could escape.

As Margo was explaining that her husband and children were still inside, Maxx came to the rescue. Firefighters arrived just in time to see the brave dog heading into the smoke-filled house and down a hallway.

They thought they would need to save the pup, too, but as it turns out, he was busy rescuing one of the children. They discovered him in a bathroom next to the family’s 2-year-old daughter. Soon after, Maxx led the firefighters straight to the family’s second child.

“No doubt he was there to protect the baby,” Fire Lt. Rich Huebner said.

Although they all survived, the entire Feaser family had to be transported to the hospital, where everyone but Margo stayed for more than a week. Even Maxx sustained some injuries and had to recover at the vet. Thankfully, they all made speedy recoveries!

“We are grateful to the neighbors who jumped into action, and we especially thank the firefighters who selflessly entered the burning structure and risked their lives for the Feaser family,” Sheriff Don Eslinger said.

The Feasers have always loved the loyal pup, but they appreciate having him around now more than ever.

“We knew when we rescued him he was a fighter, and he has always been very protective of us. We are amazed by what he did that night and we are looking forward to having him back with us,” Margo said.

When Maxx returned home from the vet, he seemed a bit blue, but as soon as his humans were released from the hospital, he was right back to his normal self!

While their family took time to recover, they’re just happy to have each other.

“My family lived,” Margo said. “In the grand scheme of things, that’s what matters.”

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