Farmer Finds Clever Way To Make Broody Hen’s Dreams Of Motherhood Come True.

Trish McMillan is an animal trainer who runs a farm in Mars Hill, North Carolina. She cares for several chickens there, including a hen named Ethel who gets a bit broody from time to time.

“Ethel is the only one of my eight adult hens who gets broody and wants to sit on eggs,” Trish said. “It’s a problem as she barely eats or drinks, stops laying eggs, and guards the nest box from the other hens.”

When Ethel started behaving that way again this spring, Trish decided it was time to make her dream of becoming a mom a reality! She gave Ethel ceramic eggs to sit on for three weeks and even played chick sounds on an iPhone for a few days. Finally, she purchased four chicks from a farm supply store and slipped them into Ethel’s hen house. Ethel instantly “adopted” the babies and has literally never been happier!

What an adorable solution to a common farming problem! Watch Ethel dote on her new babies in the video below, and don’t forget to share this sweet story.

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