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Rest In Peace Kabosu The Dog: Your Legendary Memes Will Live Forever

There are some images online that will live on forever: a specific photo of Kabosu the dog is one of them. Odds are, you’ve already seen this photo at least once. That’s because, ever since it was posted on a blog in 2010, it’s become one of the most popular memes. Referred to as the “doge” meme, it features an adorable Shiba Inu sitting on a couch. Her front legs are slightly crossed, and she has quite an interesting look on her face.

As a result, folks from all over have added text to the image, creating some of the funniest memes. Oftentimes, these memes will be written in broken English. These words tend to jokingly indicate what Kabosu the dog is thinking. It’s no wonder, then, that so many people have fallen in love with this dog over the years. Below is the original photo that started the meme.

OG photo of Kabosu without any text editied onto it.

Sadly, though, fans of Kabosu recently received devastating news. The sweet dog’s owner, Atsuko Sato, just shared that she passed away. In turn, people from all around the world are taking the time to celebrate this beloved dog and the hilarious memes she has and continues to inspire over the years.

Social Media Mourns the Loss of Kabosu the Dog, AKA the Pup From the “Doge” Meme

doge meme

Kabosu came into Sato’s life when she was still a puppy. In fact, she found Sato in a puppy mill, where she would have otherwise been put down. Although her exact age isn’t know, she’s believed to have passed at around 18 years old. As sad as it is that Kabosu is no longer with us, it’s comforting to know she lived a great life.

“I think Kabo-chan was the happiest dog in the world,” Sato shares. “And I was the happiest owner.”

doge meme

This happy-go-lucky pup has provided countless people with so much joy over the years. Best of all, the positive impact she’s had on the world goes far beyond funny memes. According to the BBC, a crypto organization dedicated to the “doge” meme has donated large amounts of money to international charities. This includes over $1 million to Save the Children.

Fans of Kabosu will also be comforted to know that the sweet pup passed away peacefully and in the company of her beloved owner.

“She quietly passed away as if asleep while I caressed her,” Sato shares on her blog.

Rest in peace, Kabosu! You’ll always be greatly loved and missed.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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