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Horse Jams Out To Her Favorite Music With Hilariously Unexpected Moves

A horse happily stands in her stable. Text on the image reads: Slipknot 100/10

We each have our own unique taste in music — this even includes a horse named Pretty Runaway. In fact, at 7 years old, this horse knows exactly what she’d rather listen to from her stable in Ontario. Pretty Runaway is given the chance to enjoy her favorite music thanks to the folks at the woman-run farm where she lives. While some of the workers here enjoy country music, this horse would much rather rock out!

That’s right — you won’t find Pretty Runway listening to country or pop hits. Instead, you’ll often find her headbang to some of the best songs the metal and rock genres have to offer. In turn, this “super calm, really sweet mare” has also earned the title of “metalhead.” As a result, she’s become quite the hit on social media.

“The entire barn just looks at her, thinking ‘oh my gosh, she’s doing this again,'” Autumn Purdy, the horse’s groom jokes, adding, “She is the worst neighbor.”

Clearly, Pretty Runway is the life of the party at this farm. But the folks who keep these animals safe certainly aren’t her only fans. Animal lovers from all around the world can’t get enough of this musically inclined creature.

Headbanging Horse Loves Rocking Out to Her Favorite Metal Music

“Of course, her favorite is Pantera. That horse has good taste,” a fan of Pretty Runaway notes in the comments with another adding, “Me if I was reincarnated as a horse.”

Some have voiced concern over how Pretty Runway reacts to the music. Autumn, however, is happy to reassure us she’s having a great time.

“It takes knowing the horse personally to know the difference between her being stressed and her having a good time,” Autumn says. “She’s genuinely happy, she’s extremely well taken care of, she’s not a stall-bound stress horse.”

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