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Residents Welcome Mama Goose When She Lays Eggs On Their Front Bench

Close up of a Mama Goose sitting on blankets on a front porch bench.

It’s not uncommon for wildlife to get close to us humans. Still, Kelly Boelens was shocked to discover a Canadian goose on her front bench outside. Here, the Mama Goose had already laid some eggs. Eventually, Dad came around too, though he didn’t stay for long. In fact, even Mom disappeared overnight.

Then, right when it seemed that the poor eggs had been abandoned, Mom returned, leaving Kelly and her husband with a total of five eggs on their front porch! In other words, it was time to figure out what they should do next.

@kellyboelens Part 1. She is a sweet girl and papa is creepin around somewhere. #fyp #fypage #goose #canadian #foryou #foryoupagе #eggs #momlife #trending ♬ Love Is Beautifully Painful – Ghost Duet Version – Darkrose

“They are federally protected, and it’s illegal to move the nest or eggs,” Kelly explains in a video. “So we are here for the long run.”

Even so, Kelly and her husband could simply leave this goose family alone. Instead, they’re taking the time to make Mama Goose and her little ones as comfortable as possible. Because their upstairs neighbor has a dog, this includes putting up a temporary cover to keep the goose and her eggs out of view. This simple layer of protection has made a world of difference for the nervous Mama!

@kellyboelens Replying to @Amazing Words part 2. I will post her journey and cute *canada goose moments. ❤️ #fyp #fypage #goose #foryou #eggs #momlife #foryoupagе #trending #canadagoose ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

It’s clear that Kelly is taking the time to better understand what this sweet goose needs. In turn, she’s been able to provide her with tasty food. Even folks watching her videos are able to help out. This is what led Kelly to surprising Mama Goose with some frozen peas. Based on her happy dance, it’s safe to say she approves!

Mama Goose Finds the Perfect Home to Keep Her Eggs Safe

@kellyboelens Replying to @Lisa Sanchez #fyp #fypage #goose #foryou #eggs #momlife #foryoupagе #trending #canadagoose #feedingtime #peas ♬ Evergreen – music &lt3

In sharing these adorable goose videos, Kelly has garnered quite a following. Countless folks are invested in this Mama Goose and her little ones.

“I can’t begin to tell you… THIS GOOSE WOULD BECOME MY WHOLE LIFE,” someone admits in the comments. “Zero time for anything else. Goose sitter 24/7.”

“You are such great people to do this so she can do her thing,” another shares. “Can’t wait for the babies to arrive.”

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