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Tail Wags All Around: Wolves Reunite With Their Pack In Adorable Video

A pack of five wolves walks together in the snow.

There are a lot of differences between domesticated dogs and wolves. So many, in fact, that it can be wild to remember that their ancestry is rather close. Then a wolf does something sweet like in the video below and, suddenly, it couldn’t be clearer that they’re just big dogs. This moment takes place when a pack of wolves reunite. We have this footage thanks to Jad Davenport, a photojournalist for the National Geographic.

In the video, we see a group of wolves called the Opoyastin Pack. As they travel along the river with their namesake, they become separated. Even Jad loses sight of them, prompting him to take out a drone to find them. Once he does, he can see that the dad of the group, Maniway, has gotten almost a kilometer ahead of the rest… but then, he slows down so they can catch up for the best reunion ever!

This Pack of Wolves Reunite in the Sweetest Way!

Once the pack catches up to Maniway, they don’t hesitate to greet one another with lots of “hugs and kisses.” You can tell just how excited they are by how much they wag their tails! This sweet moment is warming the hearts of viewers and Jad alike, despite how often he observes creatures like these.

“I’m always surprised how much time wolves devote to play and social bonding,” Jad shares. “But it makes sense. You can’t survive on your own up here in the harshest environment on the planet.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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