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Rescuers Find Skeletal Pup Abandoned In The Woods — And Not A Moment Too Soon

An abandoned dog in the woods looking starved and unhealthy.

When a couple discovered this dog alone in the woods, they knew they had to rescue the poor pooch. This skinny pitbull was clearly starving and barely hanging onto life! So, they lured the pup out of the forest and into their car using food. It would be a long road to recovery, and they weren’t sure if the dog would make it. In the meantime, they named her Halo.

After getting the proper medical treatments, the dog they’d rescued from the woods was starting to do better. Stacey, the woman who found Halo along with her partner, learned that the pooch was fully blind. Veterinarians also guessed that the pitbull was around 10 years old.

Thanks to the kind people who rescued her from starvation in the woods, this dog has gotten a second chance at life. Stacey and her family supported Halo throughout her recovery, making sure she got the love and care she needed to get better. However, this was only a temporary solution. Eventually, the family took Halo to a special shelter where she could be adopted.

Now, Halo lives at Lucky Dog Refuge, where she has spacious accommodations and plenty of affection from the crew. Since her health has improved, they believe she’s ready to move on to her forever home. Lucky Dog is helping her find the perfect match for her personality!

An abandoned dog in the woods looking starved and unhealthy.
Screengrab from Facebook

It’s incredible to see how much this dog has changed since being rescued from her tragic situation in the woods. Healthy, happy, and full of life, you wouldn’t recognize Halo as the same pooch!

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