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Rescuers Find Muddy “Dog” In A Ditch, But Things Aren’t What They Seem!

Close up of a muddy dog statue laying face-down in a ditch.

If there’s an animal in need of rescue, Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue in the UK can be counted on to save the day. That’s why, when a photo of what looked like a trapped dog went viral, lots of folks tagged their account. Their hope was to capture the attention of their rescuers — and it worked! In no time, a team of volunteers rallied together to rescue a dog… or should I say, a dog statue.

Of course, at that time, this rescue crew had absolutely no idea that the pup wasn’t real. Once you see the photo of the statue in question, you’ll understand why. In it, a horribly dirty dog seems to be laying face-down in a muddy ditch.

Far-off view of a muddy dog statue laying face-down in a ditch.

“While our volunteers deployed to the area, we discussed the case with volunteers at Charlie’s Angels Lost and Found Pets about a plan and the location of the animal,” Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue recalls on Facebook.

It isn’t until the volunteers arrive that they discover the truth. That’s because, on their way over, staff at Thorpe Park got the statue out themselves! This discovery, of course, was a relief for the volunteers.

Volunteers Rush to Rescue a Dog Statue

Although a real dog was never in danger, folks are praising the rescue volunteers for taking such quick action. Plus, the wildlife rescue is grateful for all of the people who thought to get them involved in the rescue.

A dirty dog statue sits inside an office space on the floor. A chunk of the statue is gone around the dog's neck.

“Thank you to those who reported with good intent, and thank you to our water rescue volunteers for their immediate response,” they share, “on scene and ready to go in less than 20 minutes!”

As far as the statue goes, the owners have yet to be found. Though, they are encouraged to pick up their decor at the wildlife rescue’s office.

“The little dog is now safe and sound outside our office, if anyone wants to claim the statue then please pop into reception and we will happily re-unite!” Rhian Rose shares in the comments. “Though unfortunately it did get a little damaged in the process!”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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