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Maggie The Pug Wants You To Meet Her New BFF — A Garden Statue That Looks Like Her.

When Kamerin Bazemore added a new pug to her family’s pack, she had no idea she was getting a dog with such a huge personality.

Maggie was originally brought in to keep Kamerin’s two older dogs, who are also pugs, company. Fourteen-year-old Merlin has health problems, and 10-year-old Willow was often lonely in his absence. Right from the start, Maggie kept everybody laughing.

In an interview with The Dodo, Kamerin explained, “Maggie is a super special puppy. I think my favorite thing about her is her personality. She’s pretty hilarious.”

For starters, the dog has a habit of sitting on her rear end, leaning against a wall or sitting in a chair, looking exactly like a human.

“It’s truly how she prefers to sit!” Kamerin marveled.

There’s also the fact that Maggie likes to pull heists to steal people’s belongings when they’re not looking. Kamerin says Maggie has an odd habit of “borrowing” things and hiding then under furniture around the house, or even outside.

Speaking of outside… here’s the strangest aspect of our gal Maggie’s personality. Ever since she discovered a pug statue out by the family’s pool that looks just like her, she has decided they’re best buddies. She can often be found just hanging out by the statue, enjoying some quiet time with… herself.

“I think she likes that spot in the yard because it gets the most sun until it sets,” Kamerin theorized. “Plus, she has a friend!”

Like any good friend, the statue even attended Maggie’s first birthday party. Even though Kamerin says Maggie is completely different from her doggy brother and sister, she wouldn’t change her for the world.

“She’s her own special dog, and every day I’m grateful she was placed into our lives,” she said.

We think it’s adorable that Maggie enjoys the strong, silent type, don’t you? Sometimes you just need to hang out with someone who knows how to listen!

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