Remembering Sweetpea: The Tiny Puppy That Stole Our Hearts, And The Puppy Bowl.

Close-up of the tiniest dog to enter the Puppy Bowl who has since passed away, Sweetpea.

Although there are millions of Americans who look forward to the Super Bowl every year, there are also those of us who look forward to a four-legged version of the game: the Puppy Bowl! Animal Planet airs this adorable version of the football event with some of the cutest dogs you have ever seen. This year, an especially tiny dog named Sweetpea became a fan-favorite in the Puppy Bowl world.

At the time of filming, which took place in October, Sweetpea was 14 weeks old and weighed a mere one pound and seven ounces. Although many of the pups featured in the Puppy Bowl are available for adoption, Sweetpea already found her forever home in Jennifer Siegel of Atlanta, Georgia. This animal lover runs Bosley’s Place, a rescue and nursery for homeless and orphaned neonatal puppies who are up to 4 weeks old.

Normally, Jennifer doesn’t adopt the dogs from her shelter. But there was something about Sweetpea that captured her heart in a way that only one other from the shelter ever has, prompting her to take the tiny one home.

During Sweetpeas short life, she struggled from many health issues. This includes congenital defects such as hydrocephalus and a hole in her heart. Still, Jennifer says she lived a happy life, including her exciting opportunity to compete in the Puppy Bowl. She’s the tiniest competitor they’ve ever had! Sadly, just six weeks later, Sweetpea passed away at only 20 weeks old.

Puppy Bowl's dedication to Sweetpea. It includes an image of Sweetpea along with this message: Sweetpea was rescued by a shelter that specialized in helping special needs puppies. Sadly, she was unable to overcome her health issues. We dedicate Puppy Bowl XX to her memory.

Puppy Bowl XX Honors the Late Sweetpea

“Sweetpea was rescued by a shelter that specialized in helping special needs puppies,” a message in honor of the pup reads at the end of the Puppy Bowl. “Sadly, she was unable to overcome her health issues. We dedicate Puppy Bowl XX to her memory.”

Tweet from @KyHossKitty: My tiny lil yorkie was cheering her on today for all the little puppers out there. Sweet pea was precious. Rest easy sweet gal.

Last year, Jennifer had two dogs enter the Puppy Bowl. Similar to Sweetpea, one passed away weeks later, prompting the game to be dedicated to them. Still, Jennifer had no idea they’d honor Sweetpea, too.

Fans from all over are taking to social media to express their sadness over Sweetpea passing. Although Jennifer is still saddened by her loss, it brings her some joy and comfort to see the positive impact her little pup had on the lives of so many.

Tweet from @lacedwithstace: So glad we all got to meet her & fall in love with her during Puppy Bowl XX today! She deserves a Hall of Fame spot for sure. Love you forever, Sweetpea! Rest in infinite Peace & Love, you majestic, beautiful angel

“Thank you to everyone for their outpouring of love for Sweetpea from Puppy Bowl,” a post from Bosley’s Place Rescue reads. “She was a special puppy and we love that she brought so much happiness to all of you. Please consider making a donation to our small rescue so we can save more puppies in Sweetpea’s memory.”

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