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Jeeps Show Up In Droves To Make Little Girl’s Dream For Her Late Father Come True.

There’s no doubt that Hailee’s father would be immensely proud of the way she has brought their community together.

Chad Disler passed away from COVID-19 complications on August 11, 2021. His wife April and their five children were absolutely devastated by his sudden passing. Fortunately, they had countless people to lean on, including a local Oklahoma Jeep group called the Rejected Jeepers.

Chad absolutely loved Jeeps, and it was a love that he shared with Hailee, but even the rest of their family formed a deep connection with the Rejected Jeepers. This special group frequently goes on camping trips together, and they even celebrate each other’s birthdays.

It’s no wonder, then, that 9-year-old Hailee looked to them when she wanted to do something unforgettable for her dad’s funeral.

“The first thing that she told us is that she wanted a million Jeeps to escort her daddy to his final resting place,” said one of the group members, William Osenbaugh. “So that’s what we’re trying to do.”

William is one of the many members who have become close to the Disler family over the years. During that time, William got the chance to learn what a genuinely kind person Chad was.

“If you get in trouble on a trail, Chad’s right there to guide you through it or tow you out of it. Whatever you needed to be done, Chad was there,” William said. “It’s sad that he’s gone.”

William also got to know Hailee, who is so much like her dad.

“She absolutely loves Jeepin,” he said. “Every time we went, she was there with us and would want to ride in everyone’s Jeeps,” he said.

April, Hailee’s mom, has loved being part of the group, which includes an adorable mascot named Woofy.

“She’d always want to get back in the back seat and five minutes of wheeling we’re going on trails and it’s bumpy and she’s asleep with Woofy the whole time” April said.

Naturally, the Rejected Jeepers were more than willing to go to great lengths to make Hailee’s wish a reality.

“COVID has devastated a lot of people and it’s devastated this family and we’re just looking for support,” William said. “I’m hoping to make this little girl’s dream come true.”

So the Rejected Jeepers worked hard to spread the word about honoring Chad in the best way. In no time, they had 40 Jeeps secured to join them in a funeral procession.

“If you’ve got any kind of jeep, it doesn’t matter, wrangler, XJ YJ, gator, please come out and support this little girl,” William said. “She’s going through a hard time right now, so we need to make her smile.”

This incredibly tight-knit group did everything they could to make the funeral special for Chad’s family. That included creating custom flags for the Jeeps that bore the name of Chad’s Jeep, Insidious, on one side and a special message between April and Chad on the other.

“They would send each other 143, which means I love you, and the other would say 143 2,” William explained. “We just want April, the kids, to know we’ve got your back.”

On the day of Chad’s funeral, his community did not disappoint. The 7-mile procession was absolutely packed with Jeeps!

Even a local dealership joined in using their own vehicles. Best of all, every single Jeep was filled with people who wanted to love and support the Disler family.

What a meaningful way to support this family in their time of need! A GoFundMe page has been created to help them keep moving after Chad’s sudden passing.

Share this story to honor Chad’s life and to thank the Rejected Jeepers for coming together for their neighbors.

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