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15 Tear-Jerking Videos That Are Reminding Everyone, “You’re Enough”

Nearly everyone has something they’re insecure about, yet those who are closest to us love us anyway.

People on TikTok are making videos to combat that sort of negative thinking. The trend is called “You Are Enough,” based on the song by Sleeping At Last. It’s a lovely way to tell people that they’re more than their self-perceived “flaws” – they’re enough.

1. His little sister says she’s not “normal like other sisters” because of her special needs.

2. No one wanted this rescue dog with a disability, but she is enough for her new owner.

3. Her stepfather was “the dad [he] didn’t have to be.” He’s enough.


Thanks for being the dad you didn’t have to be ❤️ #stepdad #youreenough #fyp #bestfriend

♬ You Are Enough – Sleeping At Last

4. “I’m sorry you have a fat wife. You’re probably embarrassed.”


You’re more than enough baby ❤️

♬ You Are Enough – Sleeping At Last

5. She thought it wasn’t a good time to get pregnant, but her daughter wound up coming at “the perfect time.”


she came in my life at the perfect time <3

♬ You Are Enough – Sleeping At Last

6. Big John deserves a safe, happy retirement.

7. “I wish I wasn’t deaf. I hate my ears.”

8. Mom: “I’m sorry your dad wasn’t in the picture.”

9. Foster kitty got zero applicants, but he’s enough.

10. “I hate how skinny I am. I wish I was more muscular.”

11. Cancer survivor dad is insecure about his facial differences.


My dads a cancer survivor of the rarest cancer in the world! He was only 26! #fyp #dad #cancer #survivor #father #lovehim #comment #like #xyzbca

♬ You Are Enough – Sleeping At Last

12. Sister gets bullied because of her nose.


My sister is so beautiful 🥺❤️ @analeeselb

♬ You Are Enough – Sleeping At Last

13. Dad says, “I’m sorry I’m just a taxi driver,” but his daughter knows he sacrificed everything to give her a good life.


the american dream is paying my parents back for everything #bengali #desi #ArmaniMyWay #immigrant #youdontknow

♬ You Are Enough – Sleeping At Last

14. Her uncle wasn’t sure she wanted him at the concert, but he is enough for her!

15. “I’m sorry I’m so much older than everyone else’s dad.”

The people who matter most love us for who we are, not what we look like or what we do for a living. To them, we’re enough just as we are. Isn’t that enough?

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